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"Like everyone else, I'm inundated with emails -- breaking stories, new websites, announcements of new documentaries -- and for the most part, I ignore them. I have to. I don't have the time. But the emails from Media Burn I actually look forward to, each a wonderfully unexpected foray into America's recent past: Spielberg learning he didn't get nominated for an Oscar for Jaws, Nelson Algren explaining to Studs Terkel why he's leaving Chicago, Mike Royko riffing on the joy on 16-inch softball. They're kind of video haikus, each a sliver of cultural and political history from the last fifty years of American life. Media Burn, keep'em coming. I am, as you probably have discerned, a big fan, and can only hope that as an enterprise it remains robust and inventive. It's history and storytelling at its absolute finest."

--Alex Kotlowitz, journalist and author of There Are No Children Here
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